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Do your Scouts want to try outdoor ROCK

CLIMBING with qualified instruction, possibly even for FREE?  The Blue Mountain Council now has Climbing Instructors and equipment available!  Now’s your chance to get your Scouts out on a memorable high adventure activity for a ridiculously low price!


The Council has a Climbing Kit that has enough equipment to accommodate up to 7 scouts (more, if the Scouts trade off with the equipment).  Your group can choose from majestic climbing areas, like:  Hell’s Canyon, Burnt River, Anthony Lakes, High Valley, Fiddler’s Hell, Spring Mountain, or Frenchman’s Coulee.  Climbing excursions require 2 qualified instructors and 2 qualified adult supervisors.  The troop provides the 2 qualified adult supervisors.  The Climbing Director will be one of the instructors, and there are two options for obtaining the Climbing Kit and the second qualified Instructor:


1.  FREE!  The Climbing Kit will be available for FREE to groups who provide their own BSA Level 1 climbing instructor!  Instructor training is FREE, and will require up to two days of climbing and instruction (depending on experience), prior to your excursion.  This free instruction and use of the Climbing Kit is being offered for a limited time, as an incentive to gather together a pool of willing instructors to help the Climbing program get established and help with future excursions.  Contact the Climbing Director (Wayne Whitley) for further details.




2.  $60.  For a $60 fee, the Council will provide the Climbing Kit and 2 qualified instructors.

Prior to Climbing, groups will need to do the following:


1.  Contact the Climbing Director, Wayne Whitley, to set up a date, and get further details.

2.  Provide at least 2 Adult Supervisors (in addition to any Instructors).  These Supervisors must complete Youth Protection Training and Climb on Safely courses, both available through the BSA website for FREE.

3.  Provide a completed BSA medical form (Parts A, B, and C) OR  sports physical for each participant.

4.  Communicate Emergency Plans (provided by the Climbing Director) to parents and Leaders.

5.  Provide a completed Activity Consent form for each participant.

6.  Provide transportation for your group to and from the climbing area.  (Nearly all  venues require travel on gravel roads, but are accessible by passenger car with standard clearance.)

7.  Provide food, water, a shovel/trowel, and toilet paper for your group.  (With a couple of exceptions, most climbing venues have no facilities whatsoever.)


Don’t miss out on this limited time opportunity to become trained as a Climbing Instructor, and get your Scouts out on the Rocks for FREE!

Happy Climbing!



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