Blue Mountain Council Raceway

Virtual Pack Pinewood Derby

With COVID restrictions in place

let us help your pack with a


with special guest and honorary race starter


owner of the Dale Coyne Racing Team

and the official

BSA sponsored Indy 500 racecar.

Before the Race:

  • Individual Scouts and parents can sign up to use the council derby workshop if access to power tools is an issue for any families. To sign up for a workshop session, click here.

  • To help make the virtual race special, each Scout will need to come into the office to have their picture taken and their car filmed on our 360 degree platform.

  • Units will need to set up a time to have each Scout turn in their car to be inspected by their pack leadership and to be garaged for race day.  To sign up your pack for inspection day, please click here.

Virtual Details:

  • 3 camera angles for the race - 2 facing up the track and 1 for instant slow motion replay.

  • 1 camera for the host (host provided by the Pack)

  • To minimize technology failures, unknown start times, the derby will be recorded, edited if needed during breakdowns, and then placed on YouTube.  If your pack wants to attempt a truely livestream broadcast of the event, please indicate when you sign up your pack.

  • Run-on pinewood derby jokes during race down-time

Race Details:

  • We will be using Pack 117's 49 foot derby track set up with the latest version of DerbyMagic's software and will have a PWD Master Technician to run the system and the track.

  • To minimize group size gathering, only a limited number of pack volunteers will be able to be physically present at the race.  We ask that the pack provide one person as the host who will MC the race, and two people to help with moving cars and making car repairs.

  • All cars in the pack will race against each other.  If the pack wishes, they can use the derby stats to determine den placements or pack placements.


  • A platform with 1-4 place will be provided for filming final award recognition.

  • Units will need to determine other awards such as "Best in Show", Den placements, and other awards.  We will air the winners of those awards as well during the race.  Awards such as "Best in Show" need to be determined ahead of time in order to pre-record them.

  • Units will need to come up with their own recognition trophies, ribbons or certificates and distribute them after the race.

Rules of the Race:

  • Make sure each Scout has a copy of the OFFICIAL PINEWOOD DERBY RULES and ensure they understand all aspects of these rules before building their car.

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