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Tell us about your troop or pack hiking trip to help other units learn about great places (or bad) to go.


Share with us some great camping sites to help others plan great camping trips.
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  • View one of the best examples of a recessional-cataract canyon. Potholes Coulee caught the attention of J Harlen Bretz in the early 20th century, which led to his “outrageous hypothesis” of Ice Age flooding. Ancient Lakes, like nearby Dusty Lake, is a haven for backpackers in the spring and early summer. There are several ways to get into the area, all described below. UPPER TRAILHEAD (JUDITH POOL TRAIL) From the parking area at the gate, drive or walk 0.2 mile down Quincy Lakes Road to a parking area on the right near a grove of cottonwood trees and an old metal sign marked “Ancient Lakes Trail”. Follow the trail behind the sign through the sagebrush, flat at first, then contouring the side of a hill. At 0.5 miles, pass the tailings of a small diatomite and opalized chert mine. In another 0.25 miles, the trail drops down to lovely Judith Pool. You can follow the route around to where it drops steeply down the upper cataract beside the waterfall coming out of Judith Pool. Once at the bottom, the trail flattens out where a side coulee comes in from the south and makes its way beside the outlet stream through a tall stand of common reeds to the brink of the middle cataract and a second waterfall dropping 160 feet into the Ancient Lakes Basin. From here, a steep trail descends the talus slope beside the waterfall into the Basin. Once on the coulee floor, you can follow the numerous trails or just walk cross country as you explore the area around the lakes. UPPER ANCIENT LAKES TRAIL From the parking area at the gate, walk 1.3 miles down Quincy Lakes Road to a parking area and outhouses on the right across from the west end of Burke Lake. (From January 1 to September 30, the gate is open and you can drive to the second parking area.) Find the unsigned trail behind the outhouses heading northwest and follow it across flood-scoured scabland 0.7 mile to the brink of the upper cataract of Potholes Coulee. From here, descend a gully to the next lower bench and a fork in the trail. The left fork takes you up to a notch in the Potholes Coulee Rib with a spectacular view down to Dusty Lake. You can also follow this trail west along the bench to another 0.5 mile to another notch in the rib with expansive views of both the Dusty & Ancient Lakes Basins. The right fork of the trail descends the middle cataract to the coulee floor 1.5 miles from the trailhead. Once on the coulee floor, you can again follow the numerous trails or just walk cross country as you explore around the lakes. BONUS: You can connect the Judith Pool Trail and the Upper Ancient Lakes Trail for a loop hike. LOWER ANCIENT LAKES TRAILHEAD  From the south end of the parking area follow the old 2-track along Babcock Bench 0.6 miles to a trail junction. Take the left fork and follow it up the coulee 1.5 miles to Ancient Lakes. Note: there a couple of old 2-tracks as well as game trails that go up the coulee. Any one of them will get you to Ancient Lakes. On your return you can vary your route back up the coulee or just retrace your steps. While there is lots of lake water along route it is all irrigation runoff and probably not safe to drink - even after filtering. Plan to carry all the water needed for the duration of hike. Use a GPS or map and compass to help maintain your course up and down the coulee. Getting There To the upper trailheads: From I-90 take exit 149, turn left onto SR 281, and drive north towards Quincy and Wenatchee. In 5.6 miles turn left onto White Trail Road (aka 5-NW) and drive 2.9 miles until the road jogs to the right. In the middle of the jog turn left onto T-NW signed “Public Fishing”. Drive this gravel road 0.5 miles to a large parking area with a kiosk and a yellow gate. From here on the road is known as Quincy Lakes Road. The gate is open Jan 1 – Sept 30. For the lower trailhead: From I-90 take exit 149, turn left onto SR 281, and drive north towards Quincy and Wenatchee. In 5.6 miles turn left onto White Trail Road (aka 5-NW) and drive 7.8 miles to 9-NW (note: after 4 miles White Trail Rd swings north & may also be signed U-NW). Turn left on 9-NW and drive west. In 2 miles the pavement ends and the road becomes Ancient Lakes Road. Follow it down onto Babcock Bench and drive 4 miles to the trailhead.
  • Please share with us your camping trip so that others may learn of new ideas. Include name of campsite, locations, directions or nearby, size of camp, and the goods and bads. Please keep language appropriate. Inappropriate language will result in the deletion of the post.
  • We would like to hear about your hiking trip. Please include the following: Name of Hiking Trip Location Directions or Near: Type of hike: Easy to Hard Pictures Anything else, good or bad. Please use G rated language in your posts. Posts containing inappropriate language will be deleted.

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