Where to Go Camping

This guide is a source of information about camping locations and opportunities in and around the Blue Mountain Council and our Section for Scouts and Scouters. It contains information that Scouts and Scouters need to know before going camping like BSA policies, standards, etc., and information about the BSA camping awards and recognitions. Also toward the end you will find an appendix with many useful forms and documents that will help answer any questions you have about Scouting.

One of the fundamental purposes of the Order of the Arrow is to promote camping as a part of the unit’s annual program, and to help strengthen the district and council camping program as a whole. Wa-La-Moot-Kin Lodge provides the Where to Go Camping Guide as an aid to encourage local units to spice up their outdoor adventures, and enjoy the world around us.

We are truly blessed here with a multitude of options for you and your unit to explore. Your enthusiasm and imagination combined with GOOD PLANNING can provide experiences that create positive changes and lifelong memories.

You can lead your Scout unit on a wide variety of outings and adventure using your imagination and enthusiasm with the help of this guide. From simple-yet-exciting one-day trips, to the most exotic and demanding high adventures, our area is full of places for Scouting.

The places of interest, the trails, the campsites, and scenic areas listed here are just a sampling of the thousands of outings available. Whether you are a new leader inexperienced in planning or new to the area or you are an old trail hand looking for new inspiration, this guide is intended to get you and your unit off on the right foot on trips and adventures you will remember the rest of your lives.

Above all, this guide is not designed to completely plan your outing, but rather spark your imagination and curiosity. It should instead be a ready reference for any Scout in need of knowing good camping areas that are new to themselves or/and the Scouts under their leadership.

“All the natural world around you shows you clearly your reflection”

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