2019 Vigil Honors

Vigil Article

Walamootkin Lodge is proud to announce the 2019 Vigil Honor Candidates – Mirandy D, Zachary N, Daniel N, and TJ W. The Vigil honor is the Order of the Arrow’s highest honor given to members who go above and beyond in their duties to the Lodge and service to their community. Candidates may only be nominated by their peers and can not attempt to earn the honor by conscious effort. This year’s candidates have provided exemplary service to the Lodge and contributed in a variety of roles. TJ has served as Vice Chief of Finance for years, and cheerfully takes on other tasks as needed. Zachary stepped up as interim Lodge Chief last year and chose to run for election and serve for a full term in that capacity. Daniel is currently serving as the Vice Chief of Ceremonies and has been dedicated to ensuring new members have the best experience possible at their Induction Weekend. Mirandy has served as Lodge Adviser for a few years now and selflessly works to build our Lodge’s youth leadership skills and keep everything running smoothly. In addition to their service to the Lodge, all 4 are active members of their troops and exemplify the values of the Order while serving their community outside of Scouts. To receive their honor, the candidates will be attending a Vigil Weekend on November 15th where all current Vigil members are invited to join them. Around the end of November, the new season of Vigil nominations will begin, so be thinking about people who share a similar dedication to service as those nominated this year.

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