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Arrowmen come join Election Teams, learn OA Leadership and LLD

Hello Brothers

On Saturday, October 27th Walamootkin Lodge will be teaching and learning. We will be training our Election Teams, talking to everyone interested in running for lodge positions and holding a Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) Day.

For those interested in Election Teams: Any Arrowman, in good standing with the lodge, can be trained to be on an Election Team. We need 10 to 15 Arrowmen for elections as we have many units that meet the same nights and often like elections the same days. Please come and see what elections are all about and how you can get involved with your Lodge. Elections start in November and run until March. All elections must be run by an official lodge election team and turned in will all the paperwork. This training is repeated each year.Election Team Training will be at 1 pm and last one hour. Anyone interested in holding a Lodge Officer Position can come to hear from the previous officers what the job duties include. They can find our information and fill out an interest form to start running for office at our Winter Banquet. This will start at 2 pm and last one hour. The LLD will run through the whole program starting at 1pm. All current and most recent past lodge officers are needed to attend. We hope to be done by 6.

See you there at the Scout Office downstairs. Any questions Walamootkin.oa@gmail.com

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