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Elangomat Service Award

What is an Elangomat?

An Elangomat fulfills many functions in the Induction process, but their chief responsibility is revealed by the title Elangomat, which means “FRIEND.” A good Elangomat develops a personal relationship with each member of their clan. This relationship is not one of words; it is deeper, for the Elangomat shares in the hardships of the candidates, and in their silence. The job of the Elangomat is not easy. They must function as a crew chief, friend, and example to the candidates. The Elangomat must be a constant and continual example of the Obligation. This may not always be possible, but it is the goal. Being and Elangomat is a sacrifice, but as with all true services, you gain as much or more than you give. This you will know if you take the Challenge yourself. The Ordeal is better the second time around!

Duties and Responsibilities of an Elangomat:

  • To honestly try in all ways to bring the candidates to a complete understanding of the purpose and the spirit of the Order of the Arrow.

  • To always take the initiative in performing service and accomplishing tasks.

  • To be a continual example of the Spirit of The Order in both action and attitude.

  • To be foremost in ensuring that the candidates are following in full the challenges of the Order and to take appropriate action when these challenges are not being met.

  • To encourage candidates in their understanding of the real purposes of the Ordeal which they are experiencing.

  • To strive to bring the candidates the ideals and instill with them the virtues of Brotherhood and cheerful service.

  • To make the candidates feel that they are now part of the Order and to work with them, following the Ordeal until they achieve Brotherhood.

  • Elangomats who excel in their brotherhood and service to others may qualify for the Elangomat Service Award, awarded at the Lodge Banquet.

When an Arrowman serves an an Elangomat they can qualify for the Elangomat Service Award. Arrowmen can serve their fellows with this most important Induction weekend job.

Elangomat Service Award Requirements

Complete the following within 18 months:

1. Be trained as an Elangomat before the Induction Weekend

2. Serve as and Elangomat for 2 Induction Weekends.

3. Be or Attain Brotherhood

4. Guide at least 40% of your clan to Brotherhood within 1 year, or first opportunity

5. Get 25% of your clan to attend an event. Conclave, training, banquet, or become involved with an OA committee

6. Communicate with your clan about opportunities with the Lodge.

If you are interested in cheerful service to your fellow Arrowmen contact the lodge walamootkin.oa@gmail.com or your Order of the Arrow Troop Representative

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