Where's Waldo? Flat Stanley?



It's Your BMC Shiny-Headed Scout Executive


Have some fun with the Blue Mountain Council and download/print the available images of "Your Shiny-Headed Scout Executive" below and take him along on your virtual or family Scouting adventures. Be sure to take a picture or screenshot of him as a guest with your unit or family. Then, post your pictures or email them to us, so we can gather a nice collection that shows the myriad of ways our Scouts are adapting their Scouting adventures to our current COVID-19 circumstances.

Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/BlueMountainCouncil/

Our Email: bmcinfo@scouting.org


You choose which version you want to take along on your next Scouting adventure. We'll do a weekly prize drawing for those who participate, and a final prize drawing at the end of August for every entry submitted. Adults can join in on the fun as well to show how they are supporting our Scouts through our present challenges.

Picture 1 - The Shiny-Headed Scout Executive Superman Pose

Picture 2 - The Shiny-Headed Scout Executive #1 Council Pose

Picture 3 - The Shiny-Headed Scout Executive Strong Man Pose

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