Early in the development of the lodge, communications played an important part in the promotion of activities and in keeping members informed. The official publication of the lodge for nearly fifteen years was the Walamootkin Newsletter. The paper was usually 8.5×13, various colors were used, and was mimeographed at the scout office in Walla Walla. The stencils were typed by the office secretary, based on proof sheets provided by the Lodge Vice-Chief. It was the main duty of the Lodge Vice-Chief for many years to serve as the editor of the newsletter.


Around 1965 the executive committee approved a more expensive form of printing the newsletter. The Kalitan (Chinook jargon for Arrow) was adopted as the official name and a printing company in Richland was contracted to print the newsletter. Offset style of printing would be employed and the editor was obliged to provide picture-ready proofs. For the first time pictures were featured and a double page 7×8.5 format was used. Modification in size was employed over the next ten years, but the basic layout remained the same.


When the decision to follow the Nez Perce Indian theme was made, the name of the newsletter was changed to Piama, meaning Brothers in the Nez Perce language. The format returned to 8.5×11, but no pictures.


For several years the newsletter did not appear in any regular pattern. By 1984 the paper was once again called the Walamootkin Newsletter, and this name was used until The Papah made its appearance in August of 1985. Papah means Message in Chinook jargon. The paper featured, once again, pictures and the double page 7×8.5 format. Offset printing was used again and for the first time, multicolor inks were used. The Lodge Publication Chairman served as editor of the newsletter and was required to prepare picture-ready copy to be printed by printers located in the Tri-Cities area. The papers would then be folded, printing labels made, and sorted by ZIP codes in the council service center. These projects were done by volunteer arrowmen, both youth and adult members.


During most of the 1980s and early 90s, 300 copies would be printed and distributed to members of the lodge. In addition, complimentary copies would be mailed to other lodges, section officers, and several lodges that agreed to exchange newsletters. By 1993 there were 350 names on the mailing list.

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