The former Moskwa Lodge (now Tataliya Lodge ) performed a service to the brotherhood in 1946. The service was the induction of four Blue Mountain Scouts into the Order of the Arrow and the birth of the Wa-La-Moot-Kin Lodge. The four Scouts inducted and a Scout Executive selected the name Wa-La-Moot-Kin from the Lower Nez Perce band of Indians who lived in Oregon’s Wallowa Valley.

Research shows that Old Chief Joseph (father of the Chief Joseph famous for his resistance to leaving the Wallowa Valley) was known as Wellamotkin. In fact, several alternative spellings are known to exist. The ram’s head was selected as the lodge totem because mountain sheep once roamed the Eagle Cap area of the Wallowa mountains near the upper Wallowa Valley. The ram’s head has been a trademark for the Blue Mountain Council since it’s beginning in 1929. A complete history of Wa-La-Moot-Kin Lodge is available in Council Fires, by L. Holland St. John.